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Great Worm

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Great Worm (Reaper 77006) is a rather large creature. I ordered about 500 Bones minis through Reaper’s Kickstarter. I ordered all that they had produced up until that point. This is one of the Bones minis. I don’t really like the idea of the worm being purple so I went with grey. To give a little credence to its type, I added a few purple highlights.

Base: I still have to clean up the base a little bit. I might also add some flocking to it for a little more color. I didn’t want any of that to delay the posting thought. I used my standard basing method which includes a magnet for the Dragon Scales Standard. The bottom of the base has a larger magnet for storage and to help keep the mini from being knocked over when the table is bumped. This has worked wonders on keeping my minis in good shape.

All the paints are Reaper Master Series. Base is ArmsKeeper.

Mini and Paints available at Miniature-Giant. Be sure to register with komoda as your “Referring Member” for 5% off for you and me.


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